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“Mosiah and Zarahemla” by James Fullmer
May 17, 2018
KnoWhy #434; Omni 1:19
Stela 5 at Takalik Abaj, El Asintal, Retalhuleu, Guatemala, showing an early example of a Long Count date. Altar 8 lies before it. Image via wikimedia Commons
April 13, 2016
KnoWhy #77; Omni 1:20
Plates and Lineage via Book of Mormon Central, featuring Mormon Abridging the Plates by Tom Lovell and The Gold Plates by Jerry Thompson
April 12, 2016
KnoWhy #76; Jarom 1:1
Ancient Records by James Fullmer
April 8, 2016
KnoWhy #74; Jacob 7:27