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Noah's Offering by Jan van 't Hoff.
Genesis 8:1
KnoWhy #629
Abel and Melchizedek bringing their offerings to the altar. Mosaic in Basilica of St. Vitale, Ravenna. Image via
Genesis 14:13
KnoWhy #643
Solomon's prayer at the consecration of the temple. Artist unknown.
Nehemiah 8:6
KnoWhy #638
Job praying by Gary Kapp. Image via Church of Jesus Christ.
Job 42:5
KnoWhy #640
Relief from a 2nd century Roman sarcophagus depicting a traditional Roman marriage. Image via the British Museum.
Psalms 73:23–24
KnoWhy #642
Joseph Smith received the gold plates as prophesied by Nephi. Image via
2 Nephi 26:16, Isaiah 29:4
KnoWhy #52
Portrait of Isaiah and Jesus Christ. Images generated by Midjourney.
Isaiah 40:3
KnoWhy #647
Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith by Tom Lovell and the Prophet Joel by Michelangelo.
Joel 2:28
KnoWhy #651
A painting depicting gold plates by Jerry Thompson. Image via Gospel Media Library.
Title Page
KnoWhy #519
The Title Page of the 1830 Edition of the Book of Mormon. Image via
Title Page
KnoWhy #507
Editions of the Book of Mormon
Title Page
KnoWhy #3
DNA via
KnoWhy #280
Photograph by Laci Gibbs via
Testimony of Eight Witnesses
KnoWhy #403
Image of Hiram Page Grave Site by Kenneth Mays.
Testimony of Eight Witnesses
KnoWhy #599
“Early Missionaries” by Robert Barrett
Testimony of Eight Witnesses
KnoWhy #600
Portrait of John Whitmer and text of D&C 15. Images via Joseph Smith Papers.
Testimony of Eight Witnesses
KnoWhy #602
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
KnoWhy #590
Reno Nevada Temple Angel Moroni
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
KnoWhy #193
Lehi en el desierto by Jorge Cocco
1 Nephi 1:1
KnoWhy #445
Stone Panel from the Central Palace of Tiglath-Pilesar III via the British Museum
1 Nephi 1:1
KnoWhy #476
Hieratic Ostracon from Arad
1 Nephi 1:2
KnoWhy #4
The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus (305 BC) via The British Museum
1 Nephi 1:3
KnoWhy #443
Painting by Robert T. Barrett. Image via LDS Media Library
1 Nephi 1:11–12
KnoWhy #469
Ancient Records by James H. Fullmer
1 Nephi 1:17
KnoWhy #461
“Nefi ora con Liahona” by Jorge Cocco
1 Nephi 1:20
KnoWhy #447